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Season’s Greetings! Blessings to you as we embark on the sacred season of winter. Cold weather requires us to generate, create, or invoke our own personal heat. Patience is required as we remind each other that there is enough of everything to go around, including emotional and spiritual resources. What do you need this winter? What do you need protection from? Courage and strength to do? Whatever your needs, don’t forget to look into all that you have been cultivating and gathering throughout 2018. Even if you weren’t consciously aware of what you were doing, your superconscious mind knew that winter was coming, and planned accordingly. The purpose and meanings of experiences you didn't understand during the spring and summer, now become clearer as the year draws to a close. Settle in and settle down. 


Reading: Mawu


Though it's normal to contract and not expand when cold, Mawu, the Great Mother comes to bring expansion to your life this winter. As she languishes in your personal space, you will be forced to make room for her abundance. Small-thinking is impossible to maintain in her presence. Your mind will have to stretch; you faith must enlarge; your capacity to give and receive will inevitably grow. You may find yourself taking up much more space than usual simply to accommodate this new spirit of expansion. Mother has come to put an end to the limitations you may have embodied along the way due to the barrage of negative reports about the economy, the environment, crime, etc.   
This winter you’ll be better able to handle personal challenges than last winter. Others will benefit from your newfound strength and wisdom. Mawu comes to absorb and transform negativity into fuel that can be used for future endeavors. Like any other Mother, this female expression of God places herself between you and whatever would try to hinder you. She is able and willing to expand herself in order to accommodate your needs. Whatever you can imagine being, thinking, or doing, imagine more. Make room for all the resources coming, and the people who will be drawn to you, simply because you choose to walk in alignment with yourself and with the Great Mother. It will be evident in everything you do. She will teach you how to expand instead of contract when the going gets tough; how to open your spiral wide instead of recoiling within. She will show you how to breathe through the pain instead of resisting it; how to bear down, and when to push. Mawu will challenge your self-limiting beliefs at every turn. If you argue for your limitations you will only delay the arrival of what you’ve been asking for, and hinder the flow of resources heading your way. 
Now is the time to use the gifts and blessings you’ve been cultivating to serve humanity on a larger scale. You are fully equipped to accomplish what you came here to do. You just have to believe it.


 ©2018 by Ajike Kendrick Asegun for Spiritry

(Gleaned and revised from Winter Solstice, 2008)

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