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Life Coaching

One-on-one sessions designed to facilitate personal and professional leadership development using spiritual principles, tools, and practices; individualized to meet unique needs and specific goals. 


Spiritual Currency (How to Get it, Spend it, And Save it) is designed to help you take your spiritual development to the new level by creating, activating, and managing your Spiritual Currency Portfolio. ‘Currency’ is a term I use to describe sacred words and things--quotes, lyrics, scripture, images, symbols, songs--that embody and express your spiritual treasures, gifts and blessings. Just as with monetary currency, spiritual currency is something that can be acquired, saved, exchanged, and spent. Through the Spiritual Coaching program, learn what your Currency is and how to identify and increase it in your life. You will learn why it’s essential for you to have your own Currency in order to embody, express, and experience Who You Really Are, and not have to start from scratch every time you experience a challenge or encounter an obstacle. You’ll know exactly what you’re working with, and how to use it as collateral and leverage in the game of life. I will assist you as you de-clutter your inner world by deciding what to toss, and what to keep. You’ll find new words and new tools to add to your personal inventory, and learn how to wield it all on purpose. Your final Currency document will function as a type of manifesto; your ‘go-to’ so that you can have all your important spiritual resources at-hand.


Spiritry Life Coaching is designed for Spiritually-minded people who are leaders in their lives and communities, who use journaling and affirmation work as primary tools in their personal spiritual practice, and are ready to take that practice to the next level through Spiritry. In our coaching program, learn how to use your most powerful words to experience divine appreciation for Who You Really Are. Actively embrace your life path, affirm your self-worth, and stimulate spiritual empowerment as you embody your message and vision with a renewed sense of purpose. Through intuitive dialoguing, journaling, and creative exercises, gain clarity, guidance and direction that honors your inherent wisdom. 



You are a prime candidate for Spiritry Life Coaching

If you:

  • Are aware of your inherent personal and spiritual power.

  • Appreciate journaling as a valuable spiritual tool, and understand that treasures can be gleaned, milked, created, assimilated, and constructed out of the writing.

  • Are energized by the knowledge that you are called to serve others using your unique gifts and inner resources.

  • Know you were born to provide a valuable service to the world.

  • Desire to be confident in your intuition, and able to trust yourself and your feelings.

  • Seek clarity, guidance, and direction…


But tend to...

  • Fall into patterns of withdrawal, isolation, inertia, stagnation, and not fully walk in your personal power in service of others.

  • Have an uneasy time discerning what's your job/responsibility and what's the Universe's job/responsibility. 

  • Feel stagnant if you don't share your gifts.

  • Be over-sensitive, and care too much what other people think--real or imagined.

  • Feel afraid to step out into action for fear of not being ready, of making mistakes, or being rejected or misunderstood. 


Then you are an ideal candidate for Spiritry Coaching. Send an email or call 347.474.8433 today to begin the process.

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