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Welcome to Spiritry

Spiritry is a unique coaching practice providing individuals and organizations with cutting-edge, spiritually-based leadership development services.


We provide a refreshing approach to personal development by helping people view their lives with a new lens.


By using techniques developed over many years of working with clients Spiritry believes that once you recognize your treasures and refine your way of speaking you can firm, build, and expand your life.


Coaching is a specific personal development model. It is not therapy and, although we have courses, it is not a school. To learn more about the specific attributes of a coach, click here.


Spiritry uses readings as a great assessment and direction-finding tool for our work. Spiritry readings offer great insight and affirmation for people who have questions and need support. To get answers about Spiritry Readings click here.


​If you are still not sure where to begin, perhaps you can benefit from a free consultation to help you gain some insight and direction before your next step. Take 30 minutes to get a sample reading that may help you pivot in your right direction. Schedule a consultation today by clicking here.


Feel free to read Spiritry's story before you share your story. Read more here.


There is something here for you. Explore and enjoy.

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