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About Spiritry

Àjíké K. Kendrick Asegun is a life coach specializing in leadership development through spirituality. She holds a Masters degree from NYU where she concentrated in leadership development and women's studies. 


In 2009 she earned a graduate certificate from NYU in Executive and Organizational Coaching and received her B.A. in International Relations from Shaw University in 1993.


Founded in 1998, Spiritry provides individuals and organizations with cutting edge, spiritually-based personal development services: life coaching, spiritual readings, seminars, weekend retreats, and meditation circles. 


"Through the development of Spiritry, I have refined the basic principles of using words and things charged with spirit to manifest success in action. My years of working with individual clients have afforded me with a wealth of exercises and techniques designed to bring out the wisdom and power from within. For over 15 years, I have consulted with hundreds of people, and facilitated numerous Spiritry workshops at conferences and retreats. Bringing spirituality into the workplace is a trend that many corporations are recognizing as central to creating a greater work/life balance. Executives are more accepting than ever of mixing spiritual practices with business. Leadership and organizational development now includes elements of both the sacred and the secular. I believe Spiritry has a significant role to play throughout this major shift in consciousness." 

-A. K. Kendrick Asegun

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