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Dwell therein and then 


filled with conviction 

surrounded by light 

and right conditions


and synchronizing 

with you


“I fully occupy whatever state of mind I choose for myself. I exercise my personal authority with every decisive thought and action. I decide Who I Really Am, and Life responds favorably to me.”

Spiritual Currency

Group Coaching Circle

Dates: Saturdays, May 1 - June 5, 2021

Spiritual Currency is a 6-week program designed for those who seek a deeper connection with their personal words and symbols of power and want to know how to wield them effectively.

Each participant will receive: 

  • Six weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions

  • One 30-min private coaching session 

  • Weekly spiritwork assignments and exercises 

  • Extensive mail access

Program Objectives:

  • Learn what Spiritual Currency is, and how to identify, apply, and increase it in your life. 

  • Use your Currency to manifest your heartfelt intentions

  • Fully embody, express & experience Who You Really Are using your Spiritual Currency

  • Integrate your Currency into your in everyday life.

  • Bring value to the lives of those you are called to serve

  • Create a spiritual portfolio of your unique spiritual currency in 6 weeks

To complete your registration please click the link below and submit payment. Then answer the opening questionnaire. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your registration.

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