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Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritry

Is Spiritry a religion?  

No.  Spiritry is a life coaching and consulting business that provides leadership and personal development assistance through the use of spiritual and metaphysical tools and principles.


Spiritry can help you to:

- Discover the sacred in the ordinary

- Harness the power of words

- Create magic in your everyday life

- Celebrate your inherent worth

- Enhance your spiritual landscape

- Use play, imagination, and ritual to create change in your life


What is coaching?

"Coaching is an on-going partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life. Beginning with the clients' desires, coaching uses reporting, exploring, and a consistent commitment to move the client forward. Coaching accelerates the clients' progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where clients are today and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be tomorrow." - International Coach Federation, ICF


The role of a Life Coach:

Rather than actually TELLING someone the answers, a Life Coach is the catalyst for getting a client to find the answers themselves. By asking challenging and thought provoking questions, a Life Coach can unlock the potential in a client. Coaching is forward looking and focused on the action you are willing to take to get what you want out of life. Sometimes you just cant see the forest for the trees! You so are wrapped up in everyday life that indeed life just passes you by! Coaching enables you to see different alternatives and to take a step back and actually examine your life and all of its component parts. More about Coaches


What is the purpose of a reading?

A reading is intended to be an enlightening experience in which you are able to make empowered and informed decisions about your life.  As a diviner/reader I use my knowledge of the cards and my own intuition to bring your past, present, and potential future into focus.  Your own common sense, intuition, and inner wisdom all play a part in creating a successful reading experience.


A reading:

  • Helps you to recognize recurring patterns in your thinking, speech, and behavior and how these things relate to your circumstances, relationships, and environment.

  • Reflects your energy back to you so that you can identify what you have been attracting and creating in your life.


What if I get the death card?

In the deck that I use (Daughters of the Moon), there is no death card; it has been renamed and reborn as the Phoenix.  It is a card that shows up when inevitable, irreversible transformation is immanent.  It rarely, if ever, represents a physical death. Instead, it signifies the death of a particular way of being, thinking, or behaving, and makes way for creating new patterns.


How often should I get a reading?

Some people get readings once per month; some, every season, and others, once a year; there is not right or wrong time to get a reading.  I usually suggest that you get a reading when you first begin to see or experience the manifestation of your last reading.  In this way, you know that the energy is already moving and changing.


How can Spiritry help me with my health/relationships/finances/career?

Spiritry's goal is to help you harness tools and resources that promote a sense of wholeness and power-from-within so that you can handle the challenges of life proactively and effectively.


Was Your Question Answered?  If not, or if you want more information, click here to contact SPIRITRY.

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