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Here's What Clients Are Saying About Spiritry

“Ajike to me is mysterious, yet clear.  I suppose this is to say that she conserves her energy by knowing when and where her input is not only needed, but, welcomed, respected and honored. She is knowledgeable of her craft and helpful in imparting her understandings of the information being shared - allowing room for a dialogue to be ensue.  She is a listener, offering affirmation and space for her counterparts to do the same for themselves - to call upon their own voice and intuitive understanding, which is helpful when working through the questions incited by self study and that of the cards.  Ajike is not only an educator, but a student of the disciplines that she shares.  She values her time and energy, and gives what she expects in return.  A respectful witness.  Serious, yet cheerful. A re-router of tangents. (: She is rewarded by her passions, this is evident because she lives her life's calling. D. Tucker, Maryland


“In a word Ajike IS Spiritry!!  Ajike embodies the essence of what Spiritry is; she lives the words, symbols, ideas and concepts.  It’s present in how she speaks, how she loves, how she moves and relate to all those around her.”  M.Yisrael, Boston


“Ajike is one of the most intelligent, insightful people I have had the pleasure of working with. I have worked with her in several capacities. Her approach to life coaching is both humanistic and spiritually grounded. Her philosophy is of personal empowerment, especially for women to tap into their innermost strengths and best abilities to achieve professional success. Ajike coaches from a holistic, constructive perspective and always provides a safe, confidential environment for her clients' professional and personal development. She always helps me see the big picture and then gives me concrete advice to resolve and/or respond to the current circumstances. Her counsel is irreplaceable. I highly recommend Ajike with great enthusiasm.”  S. Patrick, Pennsylvania


“Ajike is very knowledgeable about her work and is a very competent life coach. I find her advice and her insights to be very helpful to me and have recommended her to friends of mine for help with whatever life issues they have.”  J. Mattson, New Jersey


“Ajike is a gifted teacher and excellent professional. She has coached me many times over the past few years; the teachings continue to unfold over time, whether through readings or personalized coaching. I have recommended Ajike to people I care about in the past and heartily recommend her here. Knowing her is a blessing and an enrichment to my life.”  N. Thompson, New York


“I've been working with Ajike for a number of years. Our work together is invaluable to me. She listens to me, thinks deeply and responds directly and respectfully. She is a wise and compassionate person. Through our work together, I have come to understand my values and to embrace my path in life. I have had great success at work - in the past few years I have risen from manager level to vice president. This has only been possible because I have worked very, very hard, and because I have embraced the process of affirming every day what I wish to learn and then being open to how opportunity will present itself. I could never have done this without the wise counsel of Ajike.” L. Kszan, New York

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