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Organizational and Executive Coaching


  • Enhanced organizational intimacy & team-spirit

  • Integration of personal and professional life

  • Greater sense of well-being, competency, and accomplishment

  • Personal and professional empowerment

  • Enhanced self-expression, creativity, & interpersonal communication

  • Skill in utilizing spiritual tools & principles tohandle crisis, stress, & conflict

  • Increase energy, motivation, & momentum


Leadership Development Seminars


Spiritual Power in the Workplace

Replace outdated, limiting beliefs about power & leadership with a more holistic consciousness of power rooted in  a deep respect for mystery, inherent value, and connection.


The Seven Paths of Leadership

Learn about the Trickster, Builder, Organizer, Tempest, Shaper, Nurturer, & King, and how they manifest in life & the workplace.


Work/Life Balance Coaching & Consultation

Ongoing on-site employee support services to help bridge and heal the gap between the world of work and other aspects of everyday life.



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Client Endorsement

Àjíké Kendrick has worked with our organization from 2004 through 2010, providing leadership andspiritual development consults for our corporate clients.  She has been an active, and well liked participant at a number of our corporate health fairs and wellness programs, often being the most popular consultant in attendance.  The employees respond well to her as she is able to quickly focus in on their needs and concernswhile highlighting options for personalgoal setting and fulfillment.  She is accountable, reliable, and accessible, all attributes our clients greatly appreciate.  She has been an asset for CHI Associates by enhancing what webring to our clients, and she is a pleasure to work with.  I recommend her highly as an organizational consultant.

--Nancy Thorne, Corporate Health Initiative & Associates, Inc. NY


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