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Here's what Sharon McGauley had to say about her

Spiritry Reading & Personal Poem: 


"Ajike's gifts as an intuitive, a healer, and a spiritual guide, are at the heart of her tarot offerings. My experience getting a reading from her was powerful and profound, and helped me to see my current situation from a much needed broader perspective. The wisdom and guidance I gleaned from the experience of our reading moved me and will stay with me for a long time. The poem that she wrote for me arrived a day after our session, and I knew as I was reading it that it was important, and wonderful, and would grow with me. And it has. I reach for that poem in the morning when I first wake up, and read it before I begin my day. It is a beautifully unique gift  - deeply personal and inspiring, and I treasure it - each time I read it, it anchors me in the broader perspective and the wisdom that Ajike offered me in her reading."

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