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The Spiritry Intuition Deck is rooted in the language of divine appreciation. I unequivocally believe God is always speaking to us in this heavenly language. We are adored, cherished, celebrated, honored, and beloved ones. We can develop ears to hear and a heart to receive this life-giving message. Once embodied, we can express this spirit of love to ourselves and to one another. In this deck, each card has a statement of divine appreciation and a corresponding meaning.


This 52-card deck was designed to help you engage and develop your intuition by deliberately aligning your spirit with the essence of selected words - the building blocks of creation. Each circular card is a simple way to connect with your inner self and Spirit through focused intent; a single word to unlock realms of wisdom, power, and beauty within you. 


Intuitive dialogue is at the root of personal spiritual communication. The Spiritry Intuition Deck is an invitation to exercise your intuitive muscles. The statements of divine appreciation and subsequent card meanings are prompts to stimulate your intuition. It is not my intuition that you need, but your own. Your own heart, mind, and spirit desire to be in intimate communication with you. See where the cards lead you. Pose a question; declare and intention; affirm a belief and then listen for response in the still quiet of your inner world.


Allow your intuition to guide your conversations with spirit - not based on intellect, but on an intrinsic knowing that you possessed when you decided to come into the world. Intuition is your native tongue. It's your original language and your fluency depends on how much you use it. Tap into a conversation that began long before you were born and continues to occupy your deeper consciousness. It's ready to be brought out into the light where it can be shared for mutual edification and empowerment. 

As part of your introduction to using the Spiritry Intuition Deck you can sign up for a 30-minute session (via phone or video call) to learn how to use them. Visit Intuition Deck Intro Session to make an appointment today.

We thank the Game Crafter for helping us produce the deck.

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