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What makes you feel really good, valued, excited, beautiful, affirmed, and powerful? Find words that speak these deep and hidden things that reside in the corners of your soul. Pull them up and out of you; give them wings. Give them light and life. Do you have a new vision for yourself and your life? Then articulate it. Find the words: quotes, prayers, affirmations, lyrics, scriptures. Write them, and rewrite them. Keep rewriting them until you have it exactly the way you envision it. Then write some more. Write it until it is better and more beautiful than your vision. When you can visualize it the way you have written it in its most beautiful form, speak it. Sing it, chant it, memorize it, pray it, meditate on it. Sleep with it under your pillow, pray it over your food and drink, put it on index cards around the house, tattoo it on your arm, write it on brown paper and stick it in your bra. Write it in your diary, write it in your gratitude journal. Include it in a term paper, write it in a letter to your ma. Send it on a postcard, in a greeting card; put it on the memo line of your checks. In other words, make it yours, and keep it alive until you see it manifest. So be it. ~~~

Spiritry Mind 1 - 2014


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