This is me not looking not staring God in the face not tracking my package on its way to manifestation in gestation not monitoring the arrival of my visitation nor the progress of my vision the delivery of the prophetic message announcements assigned to me prescribed and certified holy spiritual and metaphysically sound profound deep and other such pronouncements

I’m minding my own energetic business not living by consensus ignoring prerequisites hoop-jumping red-taping and other religious calisthenics just going with the spirit following intuition mine no signs required I know now flow how I’m supposed to

It’s me my nose to the grindstone churning out crystallized formations from base materials not blood not sweat not tears but words strung like pearls worlds coming together on their own accord I’m not looking directly into the sun the void the abyss the mist only from the side I’m peering peripherally indirectly correctly out of respect for that part of me that can’t take the full onslaught of blessings given with both hands open with no sorrow added to it so I slide in turn my body to the side and enter diagonally

This is me standing in a cleft on a rock like Moses knowing I’m covered not looking shielded feeling the glory pass by through me don’t see too much my portion is enough doing my work living my worth birth right