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Spiritry is a unique coaching practice that helps individuals and groups build their strengths and achieve desired goals. We combine inner wisdom, spiritual tools, and innovative concepts to help support leaders and the people they are called to serve.


Daughters of the Moon Tarot by Ffiona Morgan.

Spiritry is opening the season with deep breaths and slow, steady steps. We are starting with the basics by focusing on Spiritry’s mission and purpose: “Leadership Development Through Spirituality.” We help individuals and groups build inner strengths to achieve desired goals.

Leadership spans the spectrum from the personal agency (leadership of self) to guiding the masses (organizational leadership). Effective leadership of any kind includes an interplay between knowledge, improvisation, and action to express a mission, live a vision, and complete the agreed-upon plan. We recognize the inherent ability in people to be the leader that is needed for themselves, for family, for their inner circles, and for community. Spiritry is the practice that combines inner wisdom, spiritual tools, and innovative concepts to help support leaders and the people they are called to serve.


Take a moment to think about your unique leadership expression. State your mission, clarify your vision, reflect on your guiding principles, and then focus on what small steps help you reach your goal.  Acknowledge the people who help you on this journey. Many gifted people in the form of mentors, friends, contributors, allies, and even adversaries help you hone your leadership skills. Recognize all the people who play a role in your process. 


Now, envision all the spiritual support that buffers you through each day of your mission. Light to the spirits of your departed loved ones, your spirit guides, and the inspiring angels who have helped shape you into the person you are today. Take a moment to feel how their faith in you still moves mountains in your favor. 


It takes an evolving, creative, and adaptive leader to work with the interconnecting energies of the mission, the contributors, the spiritual support, and the divine guidance at play all the time. Spiritry helps gather and organize these moving parts into a practice that helps clients achieve their goals. Since 1995, Spiritry has been dedicated to the art of spiritual leadership helping many navigate well as they achieved their goals.


We salute you who have used Spiritry to create, build, and transform. We salute your accomplishments, your skills, and the ways you move in the world. We acknowledge your challenges and triumphs. 


Start this new season and spiritual year with a Spiritry Reading. Let’s gather your tools for this next leg of the journey. To book a Spiritry reading, click here


This new season is yet another opportunity to gather your energy with the writing exercise of rampaging. Write a rampage as a tool for focusing on, strengthening, and affirming your personal truths and desires with passion, intensity, and unwavering clarity. Learn more about rampages here.


Spirit and poetry are at the core of Spiritry’s definition: “Working Spirit with Words and Things.” April is National Poetry Month and we are dedicated to poetry as a powerful tool of creative liberation. We want to hear your poems. We will pick poems to share on Spiritry’s Poetry Wall. Send your favorite poem written by you. Submit your original poetry here


Dwelling Place, my first book of poems turns 1 year old on March 31st. Get your copy of this book as a gift for yourself or a friend. Order your copy here.


Do you want to share the good work of Spiritry? Think of someone who can benefit from all that Spiritry has to offer. Then take a moment to let them know how Spiritry has helped you. Send them the following link:

Ask Spiritry a Question

So many ideas, energies, and options and directions. Take a moment to breathe and ask a question to help focus or affirm your next steps.

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