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Welcome to Midwinter. The air is brimming with energy and excitement. The throes of winter don’t quite have such a fierce hold on us as in Winters’ past. Usually, around this time, we are far less exuberant and locked in hibernation mode. Maybe it's the warmer-than-normal temps. Maybe it's because 2020 is already feeling hot with potential. Or maybe it's because we have encountered the deepest depths possible every winter since 2016 and we’ve paid our winter blues dues in full. Whatever the case, it's time to engage the heat and mess of life. Mix it up a bit and see what mischief we can get into. Get a little dirty. Close our (fearful) eyes, and jump into the unknown. I, for one, am ready to take a few calculated risks. Caution is often overrated, designed to keep one in check. I’m down for a little excitement in 2020 - who’s with me?

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