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Spiritry 365 Membership

Spiritry is here to support you in your creative spiritual practice. Spiritry 365 is for people who are leaders of their lives. We want to help you grow, transform, and expand using Spiritry principles and tools. We have created this membership program to provide support as you do your work. If you’re ready to move beyond problems into projects, then Spiritry 365 membership is for you. From inception to execution, let Spiritry support you in your creative spiritual practice.


Spiritry 365 Membership helps you commit to your personal development journey. By joining Spiritry 365 you’ll receive 4 seasonal Issues of The Spiritry Mind Journal with powerful messages and timely lessons, a 15% discount on all Spiritry services including readings, access to a self-guided online course Spiritry 101, and automatic entry into Spiritry giveaways during your membership period. Overall, you will gain focus and support for your spiritual empowerment journey. 


By joining Spiritry 365 you are clearly dedicating yourself time and space for YOU. You are setting space and time for nourishment, affirmation, empowerment, and support for your chosen manifestations.


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As a member of Spiritry 365 you will receive:

  • 4 Spiritry Journals sent each season.


  • Spiritry 101 self-guided online course.


  • 15% of all Spiritry Services during the membership.


  • Automatic entry into Spiritry Giveaways during the membership period.

Complete the payment to start your membership year.


You will receive a confirmation email to set you on your way.


If you have any questions or comments, please call (347)474-8433 or email us.

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