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A reading is intended to be an enlightening experience in which you are able to make empowered and informed decisions about your life.  As a diviner/reader I use my knowledge of the cards and my own intuition to bring your past, present, and potential future into focus.  Your own common sense, intuition, and inner wisdom all play a part in creating a successful reading experience.  Appointments can be in-person, by phone or sent by email.


A reading:

  • Helps you to recognize recurring patterns in your thinking, speech, and behavior and identify how these things relate to your circumstances, relationships, and environment.

  • Reflects your energy back to you so that you can identify what you have been attracting and creating in your life.


Select the reading type below that best suits your comfort and interest.

Spiritry Tarot Reading

An opportunity to look beyond the veil of circumstances into spiritual truths using round, multicultural goddess-centered tarot with an empowering philosophy. Identify recurring personal patterns and potential strategies

Personal Power Breakthrough Session

Break through your personal glass ceiling into the realm of unlimited possibility with a paradigm-shifting intuitive reading and coaching session in one! Click here to learn more

The Spiritry Tarot Apprenticeship

This four-month program is framed within the context of women’s spirituality during which you will gain proficiency in the craft of divining with Tarot as a vehicle for honing your gifts of spiritual discernment and intuition. Click here to learn more.


Tarot Reading


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Personal Power Breakthrough



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