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Spiritry is a unique coaching practice that helps individuals and groups build their strengths and achieve desired goals. We combine inner wisdom, spiritual tools, and innovative concepts to help support leaders and the people they are called to serve.

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Personal Poems

Get a poem written exclusively for you, by me. Receive a work of art to energize, inspire, and strengthen yourself. I am now offering individualized intuited messages in poetic form. Your personal Poem stands on its own, but it can also be combined with a Spiritry Reading.

Order your poem here.

Spiritry Reading Special


A Spiritry reading is a great personal assessment tool, offering insight and clarity for people who have questions about their journey.  An opportunity to look beyond the veil of circumstances into spiritual truths using round, multicultural goddess-centered tarot with an empowering philosophy. Identify recurring personal patterns and potential strategies for breakthroughs.

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Spiritry Intuition Deck


Saturdays 10 am-11:30 am from October 2nd- November 6th. 

Six sessions, 90 minutes each

Gain proficiency in using the Spiritry Intuition Deck as a tool for developing your natural intuitive abilities and spiritual discernment. Learn the meaning and philosophy behind each of the 52 cards and how to use them for meditation, self-readings, readings for others, prayer circles, and as writing prompts. Join us.





Spiritry Group Coaching

for Creatives

Wednesdays, 10 am-11:30 am from

October 6th - 27th. 


A four-week Group Coaching Experience designed for the creative professional for whom creativity is a craft and a calling, not a hobby. Ideal for artists, painters, photographers, poets, playwrights, dancers, musicians, as well as solopreneurs seeking a community of peers to work alongside for four inspirational weeks. Find support, encouragement, and constructive feedback from like-minded others on a similar journey. Gain spiritual insight and metaphysical tips on how to revitalize your daily practice, invoke your muse, and work through creative blocks.

Ask Spiritry a Question

So many ideas, energies, and options and directions. Take a moment to breathe and ask a question to help focus or affirm your next steps.

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