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Life Coaching Single Session

A 60-minute coaching session for Individuals via Zoom or phone. Unlimited text and email support up to 30 days after the coaching session. 

Invitation to Spiritry Life Coaching

Do you ever feel like what you feel like and think on the inside doesn’t quite translate to the outside? Do you feel awkward or vulnerable around people--even people that love and know you? Are you looking for confirmation? To be acknowledged as Who You Really Are? To be your authentic self no matter who is watching, without having to explain or justify yourself?


Maybe you need a witness, not an audience…

Maybe you need a coach.


Not everybody's going to “get you” the way you want to be got. They won’t understand your inner dialogue, the language of your inner world, how your brain works, and how you figure stuff out. As a life coach, it is my job to be an active witness to your wellbeing and development. I’ve been trained to notice, to listen, and to ask the right questions. You provide the fuel. As you engage your challenges, strengths, goals, and intentions, I coach, encourage, and provide insight. 


Consider life coaching to help you catch up with your true self, remember your power, access your joy, get back on track.


Contact Spiritry today to schedule your convenient phone or Zoom sessions today.

Special Offer: $65 (Value $150)

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