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Summer is Here!

Happy Summer Solstice!  This is my time of year for many reasons, the number one of which is my birthday! This years marks my 50th time around the sun, and I feel blessed, abundant, and grateful. I had a feeling I would pull this card for solstice: Shakti, Life Dancer. I could feel her everywhere. Traditionally the World card, Shakti comes to acknowledge how far we’ve come and encourages us to celebrate our wholeness. Life is full of endings and beginnings. She encourages us to embrace both and the times in between. Let’s dance through life’s experiences. This reading comes to you as an affirmation that you can make your very own. Whatever resonates with you, by all means, use it. Share it. Thanks for sharing this journey with me and allowing me to share in yours.


Blessings in abundance, Ajike

Reading for

Summer Solstice: 


Shakti, Life Dancer

"This Summer Solstice, I claim my wholeness! I appreciate and celebrate myself. I choose to acknowledge all that I have been and done, and today, I claim ALL of me. I leave no part out - especially those aspects deemed unacceptable by others or myself. I shower myself with radical self-compassion and revel in the beauty and power of all that I Am. This summer, I choose me. I know that in choosing me, I am choosing Life. In choosing myself, I am adding to the well-being of every being on the planet. In my personal healing, there is wellness for all. I sense that from my place of wholeness, I am contributing mightily to All-That-Is. Every time I pray, meditate, give myself care, acknowledge how I feel, honor my thoughts and respect my intuition, I am taking care of everything that has anything to do with me. And when I am taking care of me, I am enhancing the lives of many. 

I am committed to expressing and experiencing the fullness of myself this Summer. No arguing for my limitations or hedging my bets. I am FULL ON - vibrant, dynamic, poised and prepared for whatever comes my way. I am blessed, and a blessing; I am an experience. I recognize that I am a World unto myself. My subjective, inner world is my home, and I play in objective reality just for the fun of it. As Summer unfolds, I take interpret and receive its heat and brightness as reflections of my own inner fire. I take cues from its steadiness and radiating intensity. I know that all things are possible for me. As I stand at the precipice looking out over the grand landscape of my life, I notice evidence of my wellbeing popping up everywhere. I temper my physical reality with infusions of magic and faith knowing that my inner invisible world determines my outer reality. I am aware that I no longer feel trapped in a waiting game - I yearn for nothing because all is mine. I lack nothing. I feel safe claiming my wholeness because it is rooted in who I am, not what I possess or what I have or haven’t accomplished thus far. 

I am not afraid to claim feelings of contentment, satisfaction, and completeness at this phase of my life, understanding that it is not the end of anything, but part of the larger continuum of Life in this world. This Summer, I choose to press on. Move forward. Create the best future I can imagine while thoroughly enjoying the here and now. My affirmation is, “I am satisfied and eager for more.”

Today, I look squarely at challenges and concerns without flinching. I am equal to any and everything. I don’t fight against questions or problems. I understand that inner resistance only exacerbates outer conflicts, so I choose to chill. I’ve made my peace with ambiguity and I embrace mystery. I don’t need to know everything. I don’t have to do everything. I can say no….and yes, and be ok with both. I am glad to be embodied in this body, and I love every part of me. I claim all of my identities even while knowing that I will never fit into anybody’s box. With the guidance of Shakti, Life Dancer, I revel in my very own rhythm and dance my way into the joy that is mine by divine right."

© by Ajike Kendrick for Spiritry

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