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MidSpring Reading:

Definition: The action of manipulating something in a skillful manner; manipulating someone in a clever or unscrupulous way.
The word manipulation is rooted in the concept manual dexterity and traditionally carries negative connotations. Its definition has since been reclaimed and transformed to include efficient and effective mental process. 
Manipulation, six of blades, shows up this Mid-Spring to further promote the energy of the Spring Equinox card, Temperance: “Temperance is a vital aspect of Alchemy -  the blending of different elements to achieve a desired effect; transforming base materials into something precious.”  As we a now smack in the middle of Spring is it time to get really specific about personal survival radical self-care, and meeting our basic needs on the way to well-being and eventually, thriving. Current social, political, and personal events warrant an even more specific, practical, and hands-on approach to creating your financial, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This requires mental strategy so as not to continue to perpetuate the chaos of Hurricane, five of blades, where we’ve all been learning valuable lessons about leaving our wellbeing in the hands of leaders who are mentally unstable and walk with confusion.

It is time to clear your head and come up with a viable plan for your escape from madness. This is not necessarily about a physical geographical move (though it may be) but more about putting things into motion to ensure your own survival and the people you care about. Crazy is catching and confusion could keep you spinning your wheels if you’re not careful. Think basic needs: food, shelter, clothing. Then expand your focus to include: love, purpose, creativity, self-expression, justice, and empowerment.


The Manipulation card is about putting your mental hands-on situations and circumstances and making them work out in your favor. First within, then without. It's about getting your mental and spiritual hands in the soil, or working the clay; planning and then doing something on your own behalf to create the wellbeing you desire. It is time to be selfish about your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your loved ones. You do have a say in what happens in your life. There are people counting on you. You have permission to shape, influence your world. In fact, it's a must unless, you are ok with remaining in the confusion you’ve been experiencing recently, both personally and politically. The personal IS political. Manipulation, six of blades is a call to arms; your personal authority to rally all your mental and spiritual forces to get yourself up and out. Free yourself, and include your loved ones in your emergency evacuation plans. As you gain momentum in your healing empowering process, step out and share what’s working for you with the people you care about. You are not alone in your quest for personal well-being and social justice.
© by Ajike Kendrick for Spiritry


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