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Harvesting Your I AM!

It is time for you to remember why you came to the earth; why you were born. It is time for you to re-member: to gather yourself together again. Reclaim the things that are yours. Own what you brought with you to the world, as well as what you’ve accumulated along the way.


You can begin to remember again by sitting quietly with yourself and listening within; by feeling your way through instead of just thinking; by noticing the messages and clues left by your very own spirit. When you slow down and tune in, it comes back to you like a familiar friend. Maybe not all at once, but in bits and pieces over time. Appreciate and treasure each and every clue that presents itself to you and more will be revealed. Listen for words that make you feel powerful, beautiful, and abundant. Notice quotes, lyrics, scriptures, and prayers that elevate you. Pay attention to signs, symbols and colors that speak deeply to you. Savor and bask in every good thought and positive emotion.

Collect what awakens you clarity, confidence, and compassion. If there is a verse of a poem or a line from a movie that feels like answered prayer to you, embrace it. It only matters what it evokes in you. It is time to identify those things that resonate with your soul; what lights you up and stirs you on the inside. When you recollect who you really are and what belongs to you, you can live the life you were born to live. These things reclaimed and remembered are part of your spiritual currency--your inner resources--and they work by transforming and strengthening you from within.


As a life coach, it is my job to be an active witness to your transformation. I speak the language of “inner dialogue.” I’ve been trained to notice, to listen, and to ask the right questions. You provide the fuel.


Together we can help you get to where you are going using your spiritual currency to light the way.

Book your free Visioning Call today. See if we’re a fit.


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