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February 2-4, 2018
Spiritry’s Sacred Purpose
Midwinter Retreat

{Rural New Jersey Location}

Mid-Autumn 2017 Reading 
Kuan Yin, Nine of Cups

When Kuan Yin shows up in a reading it means there’s a window of opportunity for you to get exactly what you’ve been waiting for; a time of answered prayer, dreams fulfilled, wishes come true, and favors granted. In Chinese, the name Guanyin (Kuan Yin) is short for Guanshiyin: ‘The One Who Perceives the Sounds of the World.’ On her way to Nirvana, Kwan Yin stopped at the threshold of heaven when the prayers and cries of the people reached her ears, and she vowed to go no further until every human being was saved from suffering. This self-sacrificing deity is known to many as the goddess of mercy and compassion. It is through her tears of compassion that we are cleansed from the emotional wounds that can come from simply living in the world. She reminds us that it is okay to feel all our feelings, and engenders a powerful sense of gratitude as we literally count our blessings. 


Kuan Yin offers gentleness after the intensity of Kali at the start of the season. We don’t have to be careful what we ask for because our hearts and minds have been cleansed of fear, doubt, and resistance. We ask for what we know belongs to us - by faith, not arrogance. By faith, we understand that we can exchange the (invisible) essence of a thing for the (visible) thing itself. We know that we are regarded; that our words fall on attentive ears and our experiences do not go unnoticed. Our lives and hearts are open books to the universe. There is nothing secret. Our whole lives can be discerned by those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Life responds to our vibration, and this makes us feel alive with hope rather than fearful because we have tended to our emotional, vibrational gardens with great care. We let our feelings flow freely, holding nothing back. We honor our integrity and authenticity by telling ourselves our truth. We show ourselves respect by giving our reality as much weight as we do others’. We say thank you for what we have as well as for what is on its way. There is no need to downplay our blessedness or hide our light so that the un-discerning can be more comfortable around us. We give God time and room to separate humility from humiliation and respect from people-pleasing. We are in the flow. 

Tell yourself the truth about your personal emotional cycles and patterns around this time of year. Be gentle with yourself as you prepare for “winter emotions.”  Ask for what you need and desire, then expect it. Make time and room for opulent expressions of gratitude and compassion. Go ahead and feel your feelings about your feelings, and make sure to include others in your grand expressions. Grace abounds. Allow it. 

© 2017 by Ajike Kendrick Asegun for Spiritry

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