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Where Do You Find Real Nourishment


“There are thousand of things in the world that provide you with only mediocre nourishment; the influences that deeply enrich you with their blessings are much smaller in number.


To say it another way: You derive a bare amount of inspiration and teaching from the great majority of people, songs, images, words, stories, environments, and sights; whereas you draw life-sustaining illumination and spirit-ennobling motivation from just a precious few.


I invite you to identify that special minority, and take aggressive steps to be in ongoing communion with it.”


-Excerpt from

Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia

by Rob Brezsny (freewillastrology .com)

Brezsny’s description of real nourishment is one of the best I’ve read so far. Spiritual Currency (songs, images words, etc.) is real nourishment. My work is helping people cultivate ongoing communion and relationship with those ‘precious few’ things that truly illuminate your soul.


Click here for more information on Spiritual Currency Coaching.

Spring Booster Shot: Reading Special

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Coaching Intensive: 3-Day Program

Current dramatic changes in weather and recent planetary events may be contributing to things feeling rather surreal--especially for those who are highly sensitive and/or empathic.

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Budding Spring 2017

Transform Your Desire into Satisfaction

You don't ever have to wait for the other shoe to drop. Drop it. Enjoy your blessings now. You are not bound to the effects of yearning. Replace longing with Being. How to do this? First ask for what you want, then believe you've received what you asked for.  Feel your satisfaction. Saturate yourself with it. Enjoy it by dwelling in that state of mind, now, before it arrives in the physical realm. Transform your desire into satisfaction by BEING that person who has RECEIVED. Let that consciousness permeate your mind until you feel the satisfaction of it, then release. Relax. It is now on its way. Say thank you.

Tarot Reading of the Midseason

Security, four of pentacles, focuses on the material aspects of life: work, finances, health, and home, and how you feel about it all.  When this card shows up in a reading you are encouraged to identify your personal sense of security in the midst of wherever you are. Physical things and circumstances are always changing. The question is, how do you find and maintain a sense of stability in the presence of change, even traumatic change? How do you center yourself when everything is in flux? Read more

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