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Full Moon

Objective Reality is a Reflection 

I am on a personal mission to put the horse back before the cart where it belongs. For far too long it's been the other way around. Putting the ‘cart before the horse’ describes how we tend to proceed with something even though it's in the wrong order. It is time to put things right: Objective reality is a reflection of subjective reality. First within, then without. We’re often duped into believing we are powerless in the face of external reality as if it had the final say. Intimidated into creative paralysis by what presents itself as ‘true and real,’ we exercise ourselves right out of the creative process. We tend to readily accept the limitations suggested by circumstances - sometimes without even realizing it - and give in to what our physical senses are suggesting to us. 
Though we may not be able to do anything about a particular pressing situation, there are many things we can do in-the-moment to reclaim our sense of power.  We can always do something about what’s going on within us. We can take our satisfaction now. We can change our perspective and remember our inherent personal authority.  We can engage in behaviors that express our beliefs. We can surround, saturate, and fill ourselves with the essence of our words of power. And we can fully accept and embrace what we want without any justification explanation or apology. By actively engaging our power-from-within we open doors to unknown possibilities, solutions, and answers. We make room for new realities that desire to emerge, through us.

Words of Power:

“I can always change my thought, feeling, and behavior. I can think a different thought, and create a new possibility. I can be joyful. I can praise and love. I can bless and bestow. I can focus on what pleases me. I can enjoy the satisfaction of being myself. I can celebrate who I am, what I have, and what I can do. I can enjoy memories and I can speak of the future is present tense. I can speak a different reality than my physical senses can process. I can engage my inner world and subjective reality. I can engage my creativity. I can commune with whomever I wish. With my mind, I can go wherever I want. I can suspend doubt; look beyond what my physical senses are telling me and engage the world divine imagination.”

“The end of yearning is being; the end of powerlessness is power-from-within.”


-Ajike Kendrick

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Self Care - Midwinter

February 2019


We have walked well into the middle of this frigid winter. Although it means different things to different people, most would agree that it is necessary for overall well-being. While we may include things like getting our hair and nails done as part of our regimen, there is a deeper work beneath the surface. Positive self-talk and healthy inner dialogue are essential components of self-care. It begins with honoring one’s authentic thoughts, feelings, and desires.  Affirmations of unconditional self-love, compassion, encouragement from within can help guide the mind toward personal empowerment and overall wellbeing. Self-care includes not accepting the unacceptable: negative thoughts and suggestions within our own mind that are contrary to Who We Really Are and who we wish to be. 

Self-care is self-preservation, which is based on instinct. Unlike instinct, however, self-care requires decisive effort. Often, engaging in self-care can feel like an indulgence, especially when our lives are focused on taking care of others. Sometimes saying yes to self may mean saying no to others. It is up to each of us to not accept the internalized accusations of selfishness. That voice must be silenced, and replaced with words and acts of self-compassion and unconditional self-love. 

My own health challenges have led me to this work of self-care. It did not come naturally. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness several years ago forced me to acknowledge and closely examine my priorities. I had to learn how to manage my mental, physical, and emotional energy in ways that I did not before. My self-care and my energy-management plan include tending to my inner garden through meditation, journaling, positive self-talk, and prayer. I work, I play, I rest, I create.

I encourage you to commit to a regimen of personal wellbeing that feels right for you. Without judgment or criticism, try to figure out what you want and need in order to feel your very best on a daily basis, and then make that a priority; a way of life.


Midwinter Reading
Crone of Pentacle, Pasowee, Buffalo Woman
Goddess of Endurance - Capricorn

Standing here in the middle of Winter, I reaffirm my commitment to the various communities of which I am a part. I desire a balance between my desire for autonomy and my need for belonging. I desire to inhabit a space that allows for the unknown and the untried while honoring customs and protocols already set in place. I embrace my personal truths while opening to the truths of others  - particularly those who’ve passed on and left a clear path to follow. I want to understand what it means to be a true custodian of tradition - in my own way.

The earth is my ally as I walk this path. I build upon what-is while reaching for that which is to be. Part of my work is replacing outdated definitions of power while reclaiming language that has been used against us/me. I believe in self-determination  - as a people and as a person. I unconditionally love, accept, and celebrate myself - especially those parts deemed unacceptable. I challenge stereotypes, labels, and the status quo, both within and outside of my communities. In many ways, I am both sister and outsider. 

I acknowledge the good and the bad that I have inherited. I embrace what nourishes my wellbeing while releasing that which is no longer useful or beneficial. My ancestors were stubbornly persistent and were known for their endurance. So am I. I persist, sharing my wisdom and my lessons. I am strong. I endure. I overcome.

 © 2019 by Ajike K. Asegun for Spiritry

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