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Ready or Not

Full-bodied manifestations presently 

arriving unfolding swiftly deftly without 

regard for lingering echoes of unresolved 

issues not waiting for complete resolution 

of long held hangups or the tendency to 

hold onto self-prescribed personal 

conflicts and other such 


The Spiritry of
Scripture: Isaiah 54

Group Coaching Circle

Dates: Saturdays, July 10, 17, & 24

Spiritry of Scripture: Isaiah 54 is a spiritual & emotional healing circle for women. Use this powerful old testament scripture as a tool for healthy and positive legacy building, restoration, and divine reconciliation. 

Each participant will receive: 

  • Three weekly ninety-minute group coaching sessions

  • One 30-min private coaching session 

  • Weekly spiritwork assignments and exercises 

  • Extensive mail access

To complete your registration please click the link below and submit payment. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your registration.

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