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Tarot Apprenticeship

Calling All Sages, Scribes, Priestesses, Metaphysicians, Seers, Oracles, Translators, Channelers, and Wordsmiths!


Spiritry's Tarot Apprenticeship Program is designed for Spiritually-minded women who are leaders in their lives and communities, who use journaling and affirmation work as primary tools in their personal spiritual practice, and are ready to take that practice to the next level through Spiritry. If Tarot is just the tool you feel you've been missing, and desire to master, then this program is for you. This four-month program is framed within the context of women’s spirituality during which you will gain proficiency in the craft of divining with Tarot as a vehicle for honing your gifts of spiritual discernment and intuition. The program is rooted in journaling as the primary vehicle to assimilate and integrate the cards into your life. You will learn the history and philosophy of the Daughters of the Moon tarot deck by Ffiona Morgan and develop a strong familiarity with the imagery, language, and meanings of each card. You will also gain an understanding of the deck’s relationship with numerology, astrology, as well as the 5 elements and directions of nature. 


Program includes:

Initial in-person kick-off session 

Weekly phone sessions

Transformative exercises, assessments, and training information

Secret Facebook page as a safe and sacred forum exclusively for apprentices. 

Ample opportunities to practice and hone reading skills before program completion.


If you:

Are aware of your own personal power. 

Are energized by the knowledge that you are called to serve others using your unique gifts and inner resources. 

Know you were born to provide a valuable service to the world.

Desire to be confident in your intuition, and able to trust yourself and your feelings...


But tend to...

Fall into patterns of withdrawal or stagnation, not fully walking in your personal power or sharing your gifts...


Then email or call me today to apply for a spot in this life-changing program!

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