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Trinity Report

A reading is intended to be an enlightening experience in which you are able to make empowered and informed decisions about your life.  As a diviner/reader I use my knowledge of the cards and my own intuition to bring your past, present, and potential future into focus.  Your own common sense, intuition, and inner wisdom all play a part in creating a successful reading experience.  Appointments can be in-person, by phone or sent by email.



Spiritry Trinity



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Trinity Report contains a three-part reading document:





Spritry has a unique perspective on the intersection between lifepath numerology, tarot, and your sun sign. Learn the unique power of your full name and birth date.


This report is excellent for newborns, business names, chosen name, special event dates, and more...  It makes a great gift!


This report is affirmation and foundation knowledge about your life purpose, strengths, inclinations, and tendencies, as well as what you would do well to avoid. 


Your Spiritry Trinity Report will be sent to you via postal mail so you can have a physical keepsake


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Trinity Report

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*Clients will receive their Spiritry Trinity Report by email within 5 days of your confirmed payment.

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