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"In the depths of the unconscious psyche, the ancient Goddess is arising. She demands recognition and homage. If we refuse to acknowledge her, she may unleash forces of destruction. If we grant the Goddess her due, she may compassionately guide us toward transformation." Christopher Whitmont, Return of the Goddess.


The Dark Goddess, Crone of Winter, guides us deep into to the place of creation where all life is conceived. She assures us there's nothing to fear; we've walked this way before. This time around, our power lies in the full recognition of ourselves and our power, without apology. She turns us upside down to disorient, and shake us from that which clings, but no longer serves our purposes. She shows us the power of Reversal.

Wisdom for Manifesting
Winter Reading - Reversal

Reversal: A voluntary turning away from what was seemingly prescribed for you according to the appearance of adverse conditions, problems, and troublesome circumstances. You may have at one time or another subscribed to that reality, but no longer. It is time to relocate; to make a permanent move from one state of mind to another. You may feel in the coming weeks like you're suspended in mid-air; living on the crest of a wave as it rises, turns and then falls in a new direction. It's ok.


Your inner being knows what's going on. She chose this Reversal; she jumped at the chance for transformation. She knew she wanted change but didn't know how to get there or how to make it happen. So she spun around with eyes closed and picked a direction -any direction, knowing she would be guided, and would readjust if necessary.


This season, you may find yourself at odds with the status quo, the masses, group-think, trends, rumors, and hype, choosing instead to focus on your inner flow. Be willing to shed anything that obscures your authentic self. Surrender to the natural flow of your personal evolution so that real and lasting change can happen organically. No need to force, push or pull. Accept the well-being that is inherently yours. This year, growth and development will happen based on what you release more than what you accumulate including old worn out ways of thinking and relating. Stop doing that thing you do that prevents spirit from accessing you and holds your blessings at bay. Get out of your own way and detour from emotional issues that no longer serve. The spaces created by letting go and purging will automatically fill themselves with good things as long as you persist in your commitment to non-resistance (i.e. NOT complaining, justifying, despairing, blaming, fussing, etc.). Commit to good character and feel the relief and freedom that automatically comes.


You don't have to create good. Good is ever-present and ever-flowing. You are either letting it in, or you're not, as Abraham-Hicks says. You don't have to push the river. The river flows. Trust is paramount in these days leading up to 2017. The beginning of Winter brings you an opportunity to ease into the new year instead of kicking, screaming, and gripping the handrails. The conflict may lie in wanting to be DONE with 2016 while simultaneously not wanting to move on the 2017 out of fear. This contrast can either create resistance or catalyze liberation and transformation. You choose.

Attraction, intention, creation, and manifestation have all become widely used buzzwords in recent years. Far from being new, these concepts have been around and in operation for a long time. Placing them in a context that is personally meaningful to you can help increase your overall sense of satisfaction, productivity, and efficacy in your spiritual practice. Dig a little deeper; go beyond the surface of the trends to explore your personal cycles, tendencies, and experiences with your spiritual creativity. Integrate law of attraction and intention-manifestation principles into your existing belief and values system for a more holistic and grounding experience. Here are some ways to express your wisdom:​

  • Love and affirm Who You Really Are.

  • Focus. “This, Me, Here, Now!” Be as specific and focused as you can in choosing which of your existing invisible treasures you want to see manifest in the here and now.

  • Occupy your desire state frequently through imagination and visioning. Think from the perspective of your desired state, not simply of it.

  • Allow. Instead of micromanaging (worrying about ‘how’ and ‘when’), focus on joy and wellbeing.

  • Persist in your belief instead of returning to your old default setting; continue until manifestation.

  • Suspend disbelief. The possibilities are endless.

  • Align your speech, thoughts, emotions, imagination, and behavior.

  • Release resistance (criticism, blame, discouragement, pessimism, complaining, etc) in favor of good character (integrity, love, patience, belief, gratitude, authenticity, honesty, etc).

Life Path Reading

With a Life Path reading, learn your purpose and destiny from a numerological perspective. Your birth date determines your life path number and goes a long way in helping you identify why you chose to be born into this world at this time. You'll learn what pitfalls to avoid and what traits to cultivate. You can revisit your written reading as often as you need as you travel along your journey.

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Preparing for 2017
3-Day Spiritual Currency Coaching

Hit the ground running in 2017 with just three days of coaching. Give yourself the ultimate advantage and gain leverage in the game of life; know thyself. Harness your tools and use them to effectively cultivate the life you want.  I'll be happy to share the Spiritry process with you.

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Offer expires February 2, 2017.

Subject to Spiritry policies. Read more

“You need not be concerned about how this will be accomplished. Your imagination will use whatever natural means are necessary to bring it about. “I AM the beginning and the end.” “My ways are past finding out.” What you do in imagination is an instantaneous creative act. However, in this three-dimensional world, events appear in a time sequence. Make your inner conversations conform to your imaginal act. You have planted a seed and you will soon see the harvest of that which you have sowed.”  


-Neville Goddard,

The Power of Awareness

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