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Winter Reading

Season's Greetings!

2017 has been a tremendous year!  In some way, we’ve all experienced growth, gain, and goodness. We’ve also experienced loss; the eventualities of Life have left their marks on many. And yet, here we are. We ask the Powers that be (within us), “What do I need to do to make 2018 better than 2017?  What can I do differently? What should I maintain and build upon? What should I release?” As we ponder these important questions and take time to hear a myriad of responses, something has to click. We need to know we will be heard; that the universe speaks our personal language; and that we are regarded, and precious. Allow Spiritry to contribute to your divine emergence into 2018, as you sift and sort the possibilities and discern what’s right for you.

Burnout, Eight of flames

Calafia: Maiden of flames- Aries

The Sun


If we push past the body’s natural inclination towards some level of hibernation this Winter, we will feel it, deeply, in the form of exhaustion and fatigue. Whenever we resist or ignore the internal message to rest, we risk illness and depletion. Schedule rest periods; delegate responsibilities as much as possible; and say ‘no’ when you feel out of sorts or overwhelmed in any way. Burnout is the result of chronic overdoing it. In other words, stop or you will be stopped. Doing for the sake of doing is played out, and the 90’s so-called work ethic of excessive busy-ness has proven dangerous and counterproductive on many levels. Overwork is not commendable or something to aspire to. There’s nothing enlightening about success at the cost of your health and wellbeing. Take the head and tend to your physiology. Burnout can also manifest in the form of depression, confusion, and lack of creativity. When you go past your DONENESS, you put your personal, conscious connection with your Source in jeopardy. There are certainly important things that need to be done, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be the one to do it. Or, you don’t have to do it alone. Get help. Enlist capable and faithful others to share the burden of responsibility by asking for help. Maybe an apprentice or student is ready to take on more responsibility. Because of your personal dedication and heartfelt passion for your vision, you are probably surrounded by people who appreciate you and are more than ready, willing, and able to help you. Pay particular attention those who seem to have ample energy reserves and learn from them. How do they do it? How might you do things smarter not harder?


The promise of the cycle of the seasons assures us that the Sun is coming...the time is soon to come for the fruit of your labor to reveal itself. You have done the work; you have shared the vision; you have focused and believed and let patience have her perfect turn. At this point, do whatever you can to chill out and let the manifestations unfold gently. Any pushing or prodding at this point will only slow things way down. Your only job is joyful expectation and gratitude. Everything will emerge in its own perfect time, and that time will be coming shortly without any assistance from you, thank you very much.


Peace and Blessings in 2018!


Engaging The Season
Winter falls between Autumn when we shed the old, and Spring when we birth the new. But what do we do during Winter? Well, it seems we wait a lot. We wait for it to get warmer, we wait for sunny days, we wait for shorter nights. But Winter is not just a placeholder that we engage while on our way to someplace else. She has her own powers and offerings. She creates space for us to pay attention to our inner world and engage our inner being. ‘Waiting’ is a verb, as is ‘Being,’ and what we do while we wait is as important as what we are waiting for. We are not really waiting for Spring in order to experience life, refreshing, and rebirth. Life happens all the time. We shed, birth and grow throughout the year. But when we choose to live in harmony with nature in our particular corner of the world and we lean towards the inclinations of hibernation during this time, our bodies encourage this leaning and respond accordingly.

While we know that Winter is a sacred time of quiet reflection and contemplation, it doesn’t always feel ‘sacred’ when it's freezing outside and we have to go out in it. Images of deeply-cushioned armchairs softly illuminated by the glowing embers of a log fireplace are the stuff of TV. This image may seem foreign to those who live active lives year ‘round (either voluntarily or through no choice of their own). "However, we can create time and space in our world, and embrace the gifts of Winter in a meaningful way that is personal to us, and relevant to our present situation. Embody warmth and color. Center and ground yourself throughout the day with empowering thoughts and affirmations. Snuggle in and go deep, even if you have to schedule it in your appointment book. Turn in early some evenings and use that time for inner musings. Think about Spring, then imagine ways in which you can implement some of those ideas now, in gentle ways. Find ways to illuminate your home with softer lighting; make your living room and bedroom warm and comfortable! Dress with warmth and comfort in mind. It is all a matter of intent, choice, and focus. Flow with the season instead of fighting against it or avoiding it. Appreciate Winter for what she is, and love your Winter-Self unconditionally as well.

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