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Spring Equinox Reading

anemone blossom

Storm, five of cups


Wanderer, nine of flames


Now that Spring is here, you can look directly and without fear at the things that have been lurking in the shadows of your mind and heart. What felt so ominous these past few weeks is now giving way to light, hope, space, and momentum. The end of winter can be hard in general. This has been a particularly challenging time for many. Current events around the globe, as well as planetary movements, have made everything seem more intense. Now is the time to get your bearings; regroup, replenish, restore, refocus. This season is about movement; the journey from isolation to expansion.


Recent personal storms may have zapped your inner resources to the point where you felt pinned down or backed into a corner emotionally. Old fears and triggers have resurfaced to challenge even your most deeply held beliefs. It is beneficial to remember that you that you’ve done that work already.  “I had to remind myself that I had lived through it already. I had known the pain and survived it. It only remained for me to give it voice, to share it for use, that the pain not be wasted.” ( Audre Lorde)


You know this place. You are familiar with all its furnishings. It's not your first time dealing with fear. The boogieman of days past has shown up to see if there is anything left for it to chew on. It's looking to see if there are any new ways to mess with you. Your boogeyman knows you quite well - all your fears, triggers, tendencies - but you know your boogeyman, too. You know how it's always trying to get you to act as an accomplice in your own demise. It would have you to forget who you really are and Whose you really are. Its job is to suck the joy and gratitude right out of you, leaving emotional turmoil in its wake.


It's time to call it out! Tell somebody! No need to suffer under its delusions. Talk to a ‘grownup’ and dispel the lies. Do not acquiesce. Get up and out of any questionable mental scenarios. This is not something to be dealt with this on the down-low, in the dark secret places. The boogeyman loses any so-called powers once the lights are on. You already know how to turn on your light.


Call on your existing support system to help you; those trustworthy precious few who know you well, that you trust. If you need to have a sister circle about it, then do so. Do whatever ritual you need to do to claim your victory. Celebrate your growth, your survival, and your thriving. Name your witnesses and gather your tribe together to create meaning, beauty, power, and healing. Isolation creates a closed environment that fosters the growth of toxic things. Officially usher in the next chapter of your life with song, dance, and words of wisdom to buoy you up and carry you through the next leg of the journey. Speak your truths in the presence of seasoned ‘elders’ (anyone who’s a few steps ahead of you on the journey) who can give you pointers for what to look out for and tips for self-care. Allow yourself to be seen, heard, and experienced. Shared vulnerability becomes shared power. When you hear your truths and reality spoken by others, it gives you strength.


As you embark on your journey to your Next Thing, keep in mind that this is not about running away, escapism, or avoidance. This is about adventure, exploration, and discovery. Wanderer, nine of flames says that you will meet yourself on the road. You will glean treasures along your paths like nothing you have experienced before - people, places, and things. What you leave behind will remain a part of you as you open to receiving what newness the universe has in store for you. You will enlarge your spiritual territory as you discover aspects of yourself and pieces of your life you didn’t know were missing. Keep moving forward.

© Ajike K. Asegun 2019

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