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Spring in the Midst of Transformation

Color Stain

Let us take a moment to center ourselves. “I wish above all things, Beloved, that you would love yourself unabashedly; that you would reach for that which pleases your soul most; and that you would engage in rampages of invincibility more often. My strong prayer is that you would be honest about what turns you on—mind, body, and soul—so that you can be turned on more often. My sincere hope is that you dare to touch the divinity within you and set her free. I deeply desire to experience you in the act of your grandest self-expression, and to experience your magnificence in the sweet here and now.”  –Ajike Kendrick, Prayer 2012


What’s happening behind the scenes? What’s going on in the invisible thought-realm from which all external realness is born? What are we creating with our conversations, our focus, and our sacred imaginal faculties? These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves. We can then shape our realities based on the answers we get. 


Here at Spiritry, we are committed to providing words of encouragement, and examples of how to use words of power to strengthen and support you during these times. Positive thinking, wishing, and repeating affirmations are not enough. There is a deeper work that must be done, and it will not wait for present circumstances to blow over. I know that current events are triggering people in so many ways at this time. We invite you to engage in vigorous self-care, creative self-expression, and meaningful connection with members of your existing support system. Check-in. Don’t check out. This is not the time to play a lone ranger. 


We are standing at a pivotal point of unknown possibility, transformational opportunities, and unfathomable potential. This global shift may look bleak at this moment, yet it is just a moment. Let’s take this moment by moment to care for ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors. Simultaneously, we are energetically getting ready for a shift. This is the time to learn how to be well and empowered as your life unfolds.


We have made this Spring 2020 Spiritry Mind News available to all readers so that you can access tools that help strengthen you. Please feel free to share this issue with anyone who you feel can benefit from this work. Let us know how Spiritry can help. 


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We look forward to hearing from you.

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Usually, the newsletter is exclusive to Spiritry 365 Members. However, we make this issue available to everyone as we face this global health crisis.

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