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Spiritry is a unique coaching practice that helps individuals and groups build their strengths and achieve desired goals. We combine inner wisdom, spiritual tools, and innovative concepts to help support leadership for themselves and their communities.

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It's Autumn 2020 and our global shift continues. We are transforming consciousness, focus, and essential selves. We are growing by leaps and bounds.

Healing Change is a Decision, Not a Process
If you don’t like where you’re standing, move. Switch from one state to another; to the grandest, wisest, strongest version of yourself, you can muster. Be of that mind. Don’t try to get there, BE there. Make a decision. Everything comes with the decision. Fully occupy that mental state. Everything you need will come flooding in. The stream of your wellbeing is already flowing. Jump in wherever you are. The process is your expression of your decision.

My name is Ajike. I am a non-traditional coach for non-traditional leaders. I specialize in helping people to identify and create their own spiritual portfolio using their personal sacred words and symbols, and I coach them as they apply this to their lives in practical ways. I write about vulnerability, voice, and purpose; leadership, power, and identity. I share advice on how to navigate life’s challenges using various tools and techniques I’ve created and gathered along the way. Find out more about me here

If you want to include Spiritry in your healing changes join Spiritry 365 today. This is the gateway to your commitment to your spirit. Get insightful Spiritry readings, discounts on our services, a self-guided workshop, and more. Click the link to JOIN today.

This season we focus on Coaching for Manifestation. This is the perfect time to guide your desires into being. To learn more about Spiritry Manifestation Coaching review the details here.

If you feel now is a good time to work on your next leadership plan, click the link to review and select the best Spiritry service for you.


If you're interested in working with me, sign up for a free consultation here.

We look forward to working with you.

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Manifestation Coaching

Three Coaching Sessions

Manifestation coaching helps you to go deeper:

- how to create one’s reality

-how to include intangible yet measurable goals and intentions as part of your spiritual practice

- and to learn the subtle art of shaping and influencing your relationships, circumstances, and environment.

Click here to learn more.


Spiritry Coaching Special

Life Coaching Single Session

A 60-minute coaching session for Individuals via Zoom or phone. Unlimited text and email support up to 30 days after the coaching session.

Click here to learn more.

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