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Spiritry is a unique coaching practice providing individuals and organizations with cutting-edge, spiritually-based leadership development services. Take a tour of our services and offerings.

There is something here for you. Explore and enjoy.


Ajike's Birth Month Celebrations

I'm a Gemini, and this is my season. I'm celebrating my birthday with you. Enjoy specials on your Spiritry services to celebrate my birthday: Gemini's get bonus gift with order.

Spiritry Reading June 2016

Now $100* (20% Off)

Spiritry Reading 2for1

Now $125* (50% Off)

*Expires July 1, 2016. All offers valid for 90 days from date of purchase.

Valid for one Spiritry Service and cannot be combined with any other offer. 

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Intro Rate


*Rate valid until April 10, 2019.


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Ask Spiritry a Question

So many ideas, energies, and options and directions. Take a moment to breathe and ask a question to help focus or affirm your next steps.

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Group Coaching Circle:

Spiritual Currency

Starting in May 2021


Spiritual Currency is a 6-week program designed for those who seek a deeper connection with their personal words and symbols of power and want to know how to wield them effectively. Space is limited.


Learn more here.


Spiritry Intuition Deck

Open House

Join us on April 17th @10am at the Spiritry Intuition Deck Open House 

Gain insight, ask questions and share ideas & experiences about working with the cards. 


This workshop is free

but you must register for login information.

Register now.

Registration closes Friday, 4/16/21 @ 11 PM

Click the link below

to order your Spiritry Intuition Deck,


Get a Spiritry Reading


A Spiritry reading is a great personal assessment tool, offering insight and clarity for people who have questions about their journey. To find out more, click here.

Christmas Holly

Personal Poems

Get a poem written exclusively for you, by me. Receive a work of art to energize, inspire, and strengthen yourself. I am now offering individualized intuited messages in poetic form. Your personal Poem stands on its own, but it can also be combined with a Spiritry Reading.

Order your poem here.

We believe that you get the most of Spiritry by jumping in with our one-year membership. Spiritry 365 helps you commit to your personal development journey. By joining Spiritry 365 you get a 15% discount off of ALL Spiritry services: Life Coaching programs, individual consultations, tarot readings, workshops, and events. You will also receive The Spiritry Mind, our unique quarterly journal that is full to overflowing with meaningful content to help you navigate your way. It includes Spiritry’s Readings for the season and cross-season to prepare you for what’s ahead. You will be counted among people who have committed to their spiritual practice as a way of life. Learn more about Spiritry 365 here.

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